From the hearts of our lovely clients echo words of satisfaction and happiness. You could be part of it too, make a purchase  🙂 

Dear Charles:

I have attached the survey. I cannot thank you enough for the sweetest, funniest and most wonderful dog on the planet. She is
beloved by all. We are known in our neighborhood as Bear’s family. People fall in love with her. She is sweet and sensitive. For
instance, it took her a full week to recover from her spay procedure. The vet called her a drama queen. Yet, she is tough as nails when she is out with the other dogs. She plays sweetly with the tiny dogs and is so happy to jump in with any other dog her size or larger. She loves to run around, swim in the ocean, fetch balls (thank goodness for my husband) and generally has added a dimension to our lives we could only hope for.

I never spoke baby talk to the kids – but we all do it with Bear. I will hear the kids bickering outside, the minute they open the door,
they melt and say – “Hi, the puppy, we love you, how are you… – if someone is sad, she will sit right next to them. She is so smart and
is training well. (or better yet, we are learning to be good owners with appropriate supervision).

I cannot thank you enough for being such an incredible breeder. Bear
is a gift to all of us

Sue Bear Phone:(619) 335 5069

Hi Charles,

Kesha went to her first Vet visit yesterday and all is well. The office girls at the vet just loved her. She has met all the neighbors and their dogs and the local kids can t get enough of her. They sit on the lawn and Kesha goes from lap to lap.

She has been sleeping right through the last 2 nights after a few initial nights of 2-3am trips outside and not a single toilet accident yet (touch wood). She even goes to the door when she wants out. Maybe the doggy door training has something to do with this. We don t have one but leave the back door open with the full glass storm door closed so she can see out.

Loves the car and likes to see out the window. Snaps at the wind coming in as if trying to bite it. Does the same with the hair dryer. I assume she got this from the dryer in the kennel. She is so funny. We will take her for the first ride in the convertible this weekend when we go a our nephews ballgame and see what she thinks of that.

You did a great job matching Kesha to us. We feel we got the best puppy from the litter. Hopefully all the other parents also feel the same way.

We can t thank you enough for our bundle of joy. The kennels and your dogs show the love and pride you take in your work. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a miniature Australian shepherds

Will send some more pics when she gets a little bigger.

Kevin and Sharyn (Phone:707 234 8317

Hi Charles,

Hope you are well! The completed form is attached. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Bottom line – you gave us EXACTLY what we wanted…and so much more! Dexter does not shed – my mother has had NO issues with allergies, he’s super smart (sometimes too smart and outsmarts us), he is wonderful with kids/all dogs, loving, and last but not least, he is absolutely the best looking goldendoodle in Boston 🙂

I have also attached some pictures of Dexter.

Thanks again for everything.

Take care,
Lori & John

Hi Charles!

We wanted to give you an update on our first week with Luna 🙂 We honestly can’t believe how much she has changed in a week. All of the advice you gave us while we were there and the information on your website has been extremely helpful. By our second day with her she knew her name and responds to it when we call her. She has improved a lot with crate training. The first couple of nights were a little rough and my wife and I took turns on the couch, but the last few nights she has slept through the majority of night without a peep. During the day she will go into her crate to take naps (without us putting her in it) and when we do put her in it while we are home she will take a nap with little fuss.

She is quickly becoming a local celebrity and that is not an understatement! We’ve never met so many neighbors than this past week. All of the employee’s at the vet are in love; my family and my wifes family are in love; I brought her to meet my coworkers last week (20 people were there) and they were all in love too. The same comment everyone makes is, “if she didn’t move she would look like a stuffed animal”. Needless to say, we have given out your contact information to some of our friends.

Speaking of the vet, her first visit went well with no major issues to report. She has another appointment next week. The vet had a lot of advice for us and all of it reinforced what you told us when we came to pick up Luna. We also got a puppy “starter kit” that had scienece diet puppy food, which we are using as Luna s “veggie” treat. She can’t get enough of it- so much so that she already knows how to sit, lay down, go from lay down to sit, and shake! Its pretty amazing to us how smart she is. We are also trying to teach her to ring a bell when she needs to got outside.

Potty training has probably been the most difficult thing for us. If you look a way for a second and turn around to look back at her there could be an accident already! We continue to adjust the frequency at which we take her out and she, as well as us, get a little better each day. Shes doing pretty well with our cats too. They have shown a lot of curiosity and tolerance so far. They aren’t quite as good as accepting getting licked in the face as your cat, but they are well on their way 🙂

We can’t be happier with our choice to buy our golden doodle from you. She’s been a joy so far and a lot of work, but we’ve loved every minute of it. Thanks for everything and we will send you another update with a picture next week!

Best Regards,
George & Laura

Dear Charles,

Tonight, going through some old papers, I came across your card and address from the time we bought our goldendoodle, Roxie, from you. She is now 8 years old.

I wanted to let you know that she is happy, healthy, and as active as any puppy (though more mature in all ways of course!). She gets lots of exercise every day and keeps up with her “little brother,” a mixed breed 10-month old puppy we adopted from a rescue league last September.

Roxie is perhaps the most perfect dog ever. She loves to play and will run around, play or walk anywhere with me, but if you are sitting quietly or hanging out, there she is doing the exact same thing contentedly. She is ridiculously obedient.

She is extremely cute and people always ask me about her.

Thank you so much for the gift of Roxie!
Jodi Jacobson


Dory has fit in so well. Both Annie and Minnie love Dory. Dory is everything we had hoped for. Her appetite is great, she sleeps great in her crate at night. (which is by our bed, which is by Annie and Minnies bed). Annie has showed her the ropes of Carolina boxed turtle hunting in our back yard. We have a big fenced in back yard with winding pathways and between the rain we go out and play. Only 2 pee pee accidents (both times my husband was “watching” her). She is smart, spunky and loving. Bravo to you .There are a lot of places that produce too many and not well thought out litters. Thanks again!



We are SO in love with our puppy. She is doing great! She’s now 9 ½ pounds. She gained 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks! Her behavior is extraordinary and the girls are LOVING every minute of her. She sleeps through the night and is great at tea parties (except when she runs away with her tea cup… J ) She is adorable. We are working on not having her jump and nip- but she’s been SO easy to train I’m thinking if we focus on this one we’ll get it under control. She really wants to please. I have to figure out how to upload our pictures. She is such a pleasure. You will be hearing from friends and other folks we’ve met- all of whom can’t believe how adorable and good she is and want one like her. I’ve had countless people ask me if you still had puppies available from her litter! She is getting a lot of socialization since I take her to all sorts of kids sporting events, etc. she meets LOTS of people (no dogs yet other than LILLIAN)- until she’s fully vaccinated.

Thanks for everything. I can’t tell you enough in words how much LI is loved. She is an important part of our family.